Registered Massage Therapy


What kind of lotion or oil do you use?
I use a lotion that is unscented and made from all natural ingredients with the lowest permitted preservative amount.   I order my lotion regularly in smaller quantities to ensure that you receive the highest and most fresh quality.   The lotion is designed to absorb quickly so that you do not leave the office feeling sticky and greasy.  

Do you provide deep tissue massage?
I will happy provide deep tissue massage.     I always request that clients let me know if I am giving too much pressure, or not enough.    This communication is essential to providing you with the optimal treatment for your particular needs. 

Do I have to remove my clothing for this type of treatment?
No.  Your comfort is of utmost importance and is essential to getting the most out of your treatment.
If you are uncomfortable having skin exposed, no problem! We can work over your clothes, leaving the lotion out of the treatment entirely.

Do you offer pregnancy massage?
Absolutely!  For both Thai Yoga Massage and Registered Massage Therapy during all trimesters.  Feel free to call or email to discover which option is best suited for you. 

*Please note that at this time, I do not provide face down Massage Therapy during pregnancy.  Rather, the massage will take place in side-lying and face up, or sitting, to ensure that no pressure is on the baby.