I've never had Reflexology before.  What should I expect?
During the treatment, points will be accessed on the head, hands, and feet.   The reason why your head and hands will also be treated is to ensure that the energetic loop is open and able to flow effectively.   Only have your feet treated could result in a headache by the end of the session since energy is flowing up, but then getting stuck.

How you will feel after the treatment is dependent on your particular case.   Many report feeling relaxed and often tired.  Some will sleep for much longer than usual.   Others report feeling energetic and excited.
For reflexology regarding a specific issue (ie/ swollen spleen,  kidney stone,  etc), you may notice an increase of symptoms during the first 24 hours since reflexology can "shake up the system" in order to get things healing.

I have benefit coverage for reflexology.  Will your treatments be accepted by my plan?

What is Reflexology good for?
- Narcolepsy or difficulties with sleeping                                         - Pain relief, sinus relief
- Stress, lack of energy,  anxiety                                                         - Labour and delivery preparation / postnatal
- Boost immune system and lung functions                                      - Improve circulation, tissue health
                                                                           Much, much more.