Thai Yoga Massage



What kind of clothing should I bring to wear?
Anything that is loose and comfortable.  Yoga or gym clothes are ideal.  I tend to keep the room warm, so sweaters are not needed unless you tend to be frequently cold.   Socks are optional. 

I’m not flexible. Can I still have Thai Yoga Massage?
Absolutely! Thai Yoga Massage is completely customized to meet your needs at the flexibility level your body is currently at.   Many choose this modality specifically to increase elasticity of their muscles and therefore improve posture.

I had Thai Massage in Thailand and it hurt….  Will you hurt me?
Unlike in Thailand, it is never my goal to hurt my clients.   Thai Yoga Massage can be very relaxing and potentially put you to sleep, or it can be therapeutic and therefore touch on some tender areas.  During therapeutic stretches, I make sure to check in regularly on your comfort level and ensure that you never reach a point of “too much”.

Will my benefit plan cover this type of massage?
Thai Massage falls under a "Category A" therapy within the scope of practice for Registered Massage Therapy.  Therefore you will recieve benefit deductible (RMT) receipts.