How is aromatherapy incorporated into the treatment?
Your treatment begins with an assessment to determine the focus for your customized blend of oils.  This may include goals of: stress reduction, ligament/muscle repair, scar tissue reduction, tension relieving, etc.
Once a goal is in mind, a bend will be created on the spot to suite your particular needs. 

Application of your own unique blend will depend on each individual situation.  For example, a blend for stress reduction or muscle tension will be applied through the use of Registered Massage Therapy.     A blend that is designed to help repair particular damage at a localized spot will be applied through the use of a compress, while other remaining areas receive Registered Massage Therapy.

I seem to react negatively to perfumes.  Will aromatherapy be a problem?
Unlike perfumes and aromatics,  the essential oils that I use for treatment purposes do not contain any proteins.  They are pure essential oils.   What this means?  There are no allergy-producing components.
That being said, if you are extremely sensitive to smells in particular, I recommend that you have a 'test patch' or 'test smell' prior to your appointment just to ensure that the treatment itself will not be overwhelming to your system.

What is Aromatherapy good for?
- Relief from colds, sinus infections, lung infections                           - Ligament and soft tissue repair
- Immune boosting                                                                                   - Stress reduction, boosting adrenal support
- Reducing inflammation                                                                         - Increase concentration and focus
                                                                           Much, much more.